Event Management System

A full featured Management System that will control your data from from start to end. This is cloud-based event management software for small, midsize and large businesses. It caters to corporations, sports leagues, educational institutes and other associations. Primary features include event registration, website and mobile-app creation, attendee communication, speaker management, document management, reporting and analytics.

Event Management System Features

  • Manage Forms
  • Manage Venues
  • Manage Training
  • Manage Trainers
  • Manage Trainees
  • Manage Feedbacks
  • Manage Certificates
  • Manage ToDos
  • Manage Organizations
  • Manage Contacts
  • Manage Emails
  • View Activities
  • Setting
  • Logout
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Forms[-]
    • Training Reg
    • Members Data
    • Training Feedback
    • Profile Reg
  • Manage Venues[-]
    • Add Venue
    • View Venues
    • Edit Venue
  • Manage Trainers[-]
    • Add Trainer
    • View Trainers
  • Manage Trainings[-]
    • Add Training
    • View Trainings
  • Manage Trainees[-]
    • View All Trainees
  • Manage Finances[-]
    • Add Finance
    • View Finance
  • Manage Feedbacks[-]
    • View Feedbacks
  • Manage Certificates[-]
    • Add Certificate
    • View Certificates
  • Manage ToDos[-]
    • Add ToDo
    • View ToDos
  • Manage Organizations[-]
    • Add Organizations
    • View Organizations
  • Manage Contacts[-]
    • Add Contact
    • View Contacts
  • Manage Emails[-]
    • Email Setting
    • Add Emails
    • View Emails
  • View Activities[-]
    • Login Activity
    • Delete Activity
    • Update Activity
  • Setting
  • Logout

Intuitive & Smart

Handle and manage your all data and records in easy and intelligent way.

Easy To Use

Easy to use via keyboard, touch screen and other input devices with min input and maximum output.

Step By Step Reg.

From Reg. To Attendance List, Ticketing, Confirmation Email, Invoice and Updates.

Data Security

Keeping an eye of all users data flow activity and status for Admin.

Admin/User/Attendee Level

Different level of access for different privileges to make a level of entry.

Extra Modules

Managing Product Warranty and Service record also along with sale and GoDown Records.

Responsive For All

Responsive Web Application to be access from anywhere and from Any devices including handheld too.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know what you are looking for so here we have some answers/

How much it Costs?

We have no fixed cost to define before your requirement because we are providing special customize platform for every business so we cant predict before your words.

Is there any Privileges Level?

Yes, this is completely on you whatever you want. You can control the access of each and every page/module for any user.

Is this System Responsive in every case?

Yes, Its responsive and portable in every case so you can use it in your mobile to PC and can keep it online with you anywhere.

What About Data Security?

We cover you all as per your need. You can keep an eye of all data in and out of users even if they delete it.

Have more Quires?

Feel free to ask us anything, we will reply you everything.

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