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Words About Us

EXEIdeas International or EXEcutive Ideas International is a group of companies founded in July 2010 by Muhammad Hassan, a young Pakistani entrepreneur. The novice organization that was started with zero money investment, within four years of its foundation established a firm position not only in the local IT organizations but also got famous through the globe. EXEIdeas International Has currently many project online.

EXEIdeas International Logo

The goal and motto of EXEIdeas International is to help the newcomers of the Information Technology to bring out their inner creative talents. Our Slogan "Lets' Your Mind Rock" exactly reflects the idea behind the creation of EXEIdeas International.

Man Behind This

His name is Muhammad Hassan and he is the founder and current CEO of EXEIdeas International. He started this to give a platform and a name to his ideas and to share it with the world. He was nothing before this but though this, He is. He is a boy same as you but he also didn't know the reason to be the different. To Develop new Ideas for Web and Internet is his main ability and hobby and currently He is spreading it.

Muhammd Hassan-EXEIdeas

He has a perfect experience in designing world and still in search on more. His main theme was to help others with what they want and in which he is spending his times yet and will remain. Soon he will release his online portfolio from where you were able to know more about him.

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